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I feel like your artwork has been evolving (in a very good way!) do you have any tutorials on bonnie or Freddy?

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I can show you how I generally approach my drawings!

More under the cut c:

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this is a story of how i talked myself into shipping nagisa/sousuke, because they’re my two faves and also the two characters most poorly-treated by the show

it was a joke at first but i think i’m really in here guys… i may need help….. or more nagisou

for “rare pair” at free69!

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I recently received a pack of the Parapara trump cards with help from a lovely friend and decided to scan them up into gifs. This chibi style by Kyoani is probably one of my favourites they’ve ever put out for the boys ever since they released the shimejis last year and I’m going to be treasuring these for a long time (I’m still treating them like glass right now I’m even too scared to shuffle them).

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